Whitehall's exclusive Friday Cocktail Wedding

Times are a Changin!

Looking for a simple & elegant solution for your big day.  Our Friday Cocktail Weddings might fit the bill.  All the traditional elements are included but in a much more intimate condensed package.  






$63 Per person




Sample timeline

  • 6:30pm - Cocktails begin (Groom is usually present mingling and greeting guests)

  • 7pm - Ceremony begins (usually about 20min of less)

  • 7:20pm - Picture time for couple, guests enjoy culinary options

  • 7:45pm - Couple cuts cake, joins gathering, dessert is served (We like when you sneak you first       dance in here!)

  • 8:45pm - Couple is toasted off

  • 9pm - Guests are dismissed

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